Master’s programs

Master’s Programs

The Christian Union Theological Seminary, offers the following graduate programs for those who are graduates of the College and wish to pursue an advanced degree. The student must maintain an average of “B” and complete the specified requirements for each grade. If the student wishes a further degree, these are available in the fields of Biblical Studies, Theology, Ministries, Apologetics, Divinity, Christian counseling and Christian education. Entry requirement is a Bachelor or a Masters degree.

                                           Minimum Studies for your Degree

No grade will be issued at any level, until the student has completed the minimum required hours equivalent to the work of one year at that level.


    Master in Ministry (M.Min.)

This is a graduate degree that requires the candidate to complete 40 semester hours of work beyond the bachelor’s degree. The student, before enrolling in this program, must have a Bachelor’s degree from CUTSI, an acceptable college, or seminary.

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Master in Christian Education (M.C.E.)

The candidate for this degree must meet the same previous prerequisites, in terms of M.Min, to enter this program. This program requires students to complete 40 semester hours of work beyond the bachelor’s degree program, majoring in Christian Education.

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Master of Theology (Th. M.)

The Master of Theology (Th.M.) this level of studies is designed for graduates of accredited theological schools, who wish to continue or resume their theological education to improve the professional competition in the selected area of study. The semester requires sixty-four hours of work beyond the Bachelor’s degree. Entry requirement is a Bachelor’s degree or another master’s degree.

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Master of Biblical Studies (M.B.S)

Students will participate in the analysis, synthesis, and a critical evaluation of the old and New Testaments. Students will develop skills of biblical interpretation, and may apply these skills in the use of Bible commentaries and similar literature, to do research at postgraduate level.

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Master of Christian Counseling (M.C.C)

Students will participate in an intensive program in counseling from a biblical perspective. For people interested in pastoral ministry this specialization is particularly recommended. Participants develop a higher level in their abilities to deal and advise in every area that lead biblical counseling.

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Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

The title of the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) is the degree in the center of the CUTS program. The Master of Divinity is considered the standard professional degree for ordained pastoral ministry, as well as providing an excellent foundation for further academic work and many other unique ministry contexts.

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