Free Academic Evaluation

Academic Evaluations and Advisement

One of the major functions of the Office of Academic Evaluations in our seminary is to complete transcript evaluations for all undergraduate students admitted to the Seminary. The office is also responsible for updating evaluations for admitted, and readmitted undergraduate students, as well as the graduation audits for those students who have completed graduation applications

The Office of Academic Evaluations and Advisement also provides information to the Seminary Administration, faculty and staff with regards to policy and procedures.

6 things students should be asking their advisor during advising sessions:

    1. Which Theological Education and major courses should I be taking now?
    2. Will any of the free elective courses listed at the bottom of my degree evaluation be used to fulfill any major requirements?
    3. Should I repeat any courses?
    4. What does it mean to be on Academic Probation?
    5. Which courses should I take next in my major?
    6. What else do I need to graduate?